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Assign GTINs to Your Products Like a Pro

  • Date:N/A
  • Location:Learning Management System (LMS)

Do you already have a basic understanding of how to identify your products with GTINs?
If you answered "yes," you're ready to take the next step with our advanced webinar.

Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) are typically found at point of sale (encoded in the U.P.C. barcode), but they can also be found on cases and pallets of products in a distribution or warehouse environment.  It's important to use the right GTIN® for the right situation. Individual products will need different GTINs than a case or a pallet. Mislabeling products will cost you time and money, and it will definitely frustrate your trading partners. Mastering GTIN use is an integral part of a happy, healthy, and wealthy supply chain.

In this webinar you'll learn how to: Create and assign GTIN-14s correctly, Build a Package Hierarchy, Avoid common GTIN mistakes

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