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GS1 US Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Card

EAN/UPC Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Card 00614141023158

Product Details

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Enables users to check their verifier's calibration and train new users of the verifier. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable via the "1D Judge”, a piece of equipment capable of measurements to a resolution many times more accurate than those made by commercial verifiers. The test card is serialized and considered a "Primary Reference Standard." Designed for verifiers with 6 mil apertures and tuned to retail point of sale scanning systems.
This card is graded on parameters specified in the specification document ISO/IEC 15416 Automatic Identification and data capture techniques – Bar code print quality test specification – Linear symbols and to the manner of grading as specified in this document. The relevant ISO sub-committee, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC31 WG1 updated the grading manner in 2016, therefore we are providing for your convenience, reports that reflect both versions of the ISO document: ISO/IEC 15416:2000 as well as ISO/IEC 15416:2016. You will see the new (2016) grading reports noted in the report and label footer. This is done in case your verifier’s software has not yet been updated to reflect the newer 2016 version.