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GS1 US Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Card

EAN/UPC Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Card 00614141023158

Product Details

00614141023158 In Stock (124)


  • Enables users to check their verifier's calibration and train new users of the verifier
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable via the 1D Judge®; a piece of equipment capable of measurements to a resolution many times more accurate than those made by commercial verifiers
  • Each test card is serialized and considered a "Primary Reference Standard"
  • Designed for verifiers with 6 mil apertures and tuned to retail point of sale scanning systems
  • Graded on parameters outlined in the specification document ISO/IEC 15416 Automatic Identification and data capture techniques – Bar code print quality test specification – Linear symbols and to the manner of grading as specified in this document