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Home » Education & Events » Live Webinars » 12/7/17: Live Webinar: Overview of GTIN Management Standard

12/7/17: Live Webinar: Overview of GTIN Management Standard

  • Date:Thursday, December 17, 2017 from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

When do you need a new GTIN® for your product? How do you know if a change to your product results in a GTIN change?

Maybe you’ve changed the color on your package. Does it now require a new GTIN? What about adding a certification mark, such as “Gluten-Free” to your package label? Does a slight change in package size require a new GTIN?

A thorough understanding of when to change your GTIN helps you manage your GS1 Company Prefix efficiently while meeting trading partner needs and regulatory requirements.  Following the GS1 GTIN Management Standard simplifies the process for you in a standard, consistent way.  This Standard is designed to help industry make consistent decisions about the unique identification of trade items in open supply chains. That’s why attending the Overview of GTIN Management Standard webinar is the right move. Learn first-hand from a GS1 Standards expert and leave this webinar with the ability to manage your GTINs with confidence and consistency. 

You’re going to:

  • Learn the three guiding principles of GTIN Management (consumer/trading partner impact, regulatory/liability disclosure requirements, substantial impact to the supply chain)
  • Understand how to apply the ten rules of GTIN management (new product introduction, declared formulation or functionality changes, declared net content changes, dimensional or gross weight changes, adding or removing certification marks, primary brand changes, time-critical or promotional products, pack or case quantity changes, pre-defined assortments, and price on pack)
  • Be introduced to the GTIN Management decision support tool, an interactive online guide that walks you through the process of GTIN assignment

This webinar is perfect for people who:

  • Have already created GTINs before
  • Need to manage many product variations
  • Have experience managing GTINs, but need a refresher on the GTIN Management Standard

Presented by:

Brian Elliott, GS1 US Technical Training Manager. Brian a 7-year veteran with GS1 US and a five-time winner of the GS1 US Values Award. Brian has a deep understanding of GS1 Standards and shares that knowledge in a way that is easily understood.


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