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Step 3 - Enhance Your GTIN Data

9 February 2021

Step 3 - Enhance Your GTIN Data

The Step 3 - Enhance Your GTIN Data page includes the following attributes. When GS1 US Data Hub View/Use subscribers search for consumer trade items in GS1 US Data Hub, or GS1 global members search the GS1 Registry Platform, they will see the Verified by GS1 check mark if the product detail record contains the these attributes:

Product Image URL:

Insert a web address that represents the photo(s) of this product. The address must start with either http:// or https://. If the URL is a valid web address and contains a PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP file, “Validated” will display in green text after you save. If the validation fails, "Validation Failed" will display but the web address will be still be saved in GS1 US Data Hub. 


For more details, view this fact sheet.

Global Product Classification (GPC):

This is known as the “Brick” product code associated with your product category, based on the GS1 Global Product Classification (GPC) standard. You can click the link for the GS1 GCP Browser tool on the Step 3 page to identify the GPC for your product.

Example: 30002827

Net Content and Unit of Measure:

Net Content 1: This is made up of two fields:

  • Count: this is the amount of the consumable product of the trade item contained in a package, as claimed on the physical label. For a multi-pack, you should indicate the net content of the total trade item (10, 4, 11.nnn). This number may be represented in whole numbers or up to four decimals.

  • Unit of Measure: this is the type of measure representing the Count, as claimed on the physical label, and may include net weight, volume, count, units, etc. A list of the most common Unit of Measures are available from the pull-down menu.

After you set the product to In Use, the Net Content 1 fields CANNOT be changed. Optional: To add a secondary Net Content that’s displayed on your packaging, such as Unit of Measure in metric, click Add Additional Net Content. You can also add a third Net Content, if desired.

For more details, view a list of valid Unit of Measure codes.

Target Market(s):

This is also known as Country of Sale. Select the country or region that represents the target market(s) for this product. You can make up to 50 selections. View a list of Country codes.

Learn more: visit the Verified by GS1 page on the GS1 US site, or view the Displaying the VbG Check Mark instructional module.


Other Fields on the Step 3 Page: 

The following three fields are displayed on the Step 3 - Enhance Your GTIN Data page, but are not required to display the Verified by GS1 check mark:

  • Sub-Brand Name: This is a second level of the brand. This could be a trademark. It is the primary differentiating factor that a brand owner wants to communicate to the consumer or buyer.

  • Product Description - Short: a free form short length description of the trade item that can be used to identify the trade item at retail point-of-sale (POS). This allows for the representation of the same value in different languages you should not enter multiple values. 

  • Label Description: a literal reproduction of the text featured on a product’s label in the same word-by-word order in which it appears on the front of the product’s packaging. 

How to Display the Verified by GS1 Check Mark

9 February 2021

How to Display the Verified by GS1 Check Mark

Complete and accurate product data results in a more efficient and seamless supply chain - as well as a more positive shopping experience for consumers. 

Watch this VbG Check Mark instructional module to learn more about Verified by GS1 and how to enter these attributes.

Here's a summary: Verified by GS1 enables the verification of a product’s identity based on a set of seven core product attributes. If you save these attributes with your product detail record in GS1 US Data Hub, the VbG check mark will display when the GTIN is searched through the GS1 Registry Platform by GS1 US Data Hub Product View/Use subscribers, which include retailers, marketplaces, solution providers, agencies and others:

- Brand Name
- Product Description
- Product Image URL (make sure the address starts with http:// or https:// - view this fact sheet)
- Global Product Classification (GPC) (view the GS1 GCP Browser for more details)
- Net Content and Unit of Measure (view a list of valid Unit of Measure codes)
- Target Market(s) (also known as Country of Sale - view a list of Country codes)

Product Image, GPC, Net Content and Target Market(s) are available on the Step 3 - Enhance Your GTIN Data screen.

GS1 US Data Hub currently provides access to more than 35 million products, making it valuable as part of a retailer’s data quality and product sourcing efforts.

Want even more details Verified by GS1? Visit the Verified by GS1 page on the GS1 US site.