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About the Serial Shipping Container Code - SSCC

12 February 2021

About the Serial Shipping Container Code - SSCC

The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is an 18-digit GS1 Identification Key used to identify a logistic unit. The SSCC is different from the GTIN, as the SSCC acts as a license plate to track a shipment of logistics units through the supply chain. The GTIN uniquely identifies trade items (products and services). 

It is possible for a trade item, such as a pallet, to be a trade item AND a logistic unit, so both a GTIN and an SSCC may be used. The SSCC is encoded in the GS1-128 barcode and included on the GS1 Logistics Label (a sample is shown here), making it possible to track the logistic unit in transit, and locate this unit within a storage area or warehouse.

You cannot create the SSCC in GS1 US Data Hub. View a list of GS1 Standards Professional Barcode Image and Print Vendors to help you generate the SSCC in a GS1-128 barcode. The SSCC is typically generated out of the logistic management system, e.g. the warehouse management system. 

Please note that if you have licensed a GS1 US GTIN instead of a GS1 Company Prefix, you cannot create the SSCC.


Learn more about the SSCC

Want to learn more? Read the Introduction to the SSCC document on the GS1 US site.