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Troubleshooting Guide - Location

22 February 2019

Troubleshooting Guide - Location

To view the GS1 US Data Hub Location Troubleshooting Guide, click here >

Here are two common questions asked by members:

Q. What if My Top Level GLN Address Changes?

A. If the address of your Top Level GLN changes, please report this to GS1 US. If the main company address has changed, visit the MyGS1US site and click "My Company Info" to change the company address. You will then need to log into GS1 US Data Hub to manually change this address information via the Location tab. When you save, you will receive an "Allocation Error" message. You can indicate that the Top Level Address has changed in the Comments field, and your edits will be accepted.


Q. How Do I Start Sharing Locations with All GS1 US Subscribers?

A. When you create and manage GLNs, you can determine which GS1 US Data Hub View/Use subscribers can view specific locations and download these locations. To start sharing locations with ALL GS1 US Data Hub | Location View/Use subscribers, first verify that the Location is "Active." With the location displayed, click the "Sharing" tab at the top of the screen, then click the "Add New" button. Click the drop-down under the "Who are you sharing with?" heading. Select "All GS1 US Location subscribers" to view all current GS1 US Data Hub | Location View/Use subscribers (this list changes regularly). Then click "Add New."