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Add Users and Assign Roles: GS1 US User Portal

20 January 2020

Add Users and Assign Roles: GS1 US User Portal

A single Product Create/Manage role is provided with the GS1 Company Prefix. You can add multiple users to your subscription for an annual fee. Visit our online application in the GS1 US Store to add users (you'll need to log into myGS1 US). 

The initial user of the GS1 US tools is automatically given all available roles, including the ability to add users. This individual can then assign the GS1 US Data Hub | Product Create/Manage role to these additional users so they can create products, assign GTINs and manage barcodes. If the Product Create/Manage role is NOT assigned, the "Product" link will be grayed out for these new users.

Watch a module for a demonstration on how to log in to the User Portal, add a user and assign roles.

To download the GS1 User Portal User Guide, click here >.

For specific answers about logging in and adding users from an available pool of users, visit the GS1 US Frequently Asked Questions page.


How to Add the Product Create/Manage Role:

The Product Create/Manage role enables a user to add and manage products. To assign this role to an existing user, the General User Administrator or Product Administrator can log in to the User Portal and take these steps:

1.  Locate the user using the filter box and when the user information displays, click the row for that user. Then click the "Edit Roles" link next to the "Roles in [Company Name] header. Scroll down and check the box for "Product Create/Manage."

2. Click "Save."

When the user logs in to GS1 US Data Hub, the Product tab is "enabled" - that is, the Product tab will no longer be grayed out, and the user can now click "Product" and add a product and generate a UPC-A barcode. This user can also maintain product data, enter higher level packaging such as cases, and export all this data so it can be entered into the company's product database.  


How to Add More Product Create/Manage Roles

To add other users who can use GS1 US Data Hub to create and manage products, visit the GS1 US Store for details.


How to Resend an E-mail Invitation to a New User

1. From the GS1 US User Portal, select “Pending” (the default is "Active") next to the Users heading, and view all pending users for your company.

2. Locate the name of the user you want to resend the invitation to, and click the “Resend Invitation” link in the row for the desired user.

The user will receive an email from so they can set up an account. It is recommended that you communicate this e-mail to the user, as the link expires in seven days. After the user completes the account setup, the status changes from “Pending” to "Active."

How to Contact the Member Support Team

13 August 2021

How to Contact the Member Support Team

Q. Can I contact the Member Support team online? 
A. Yes, from within GS1 US Data Hub, complete the Contact Support online form to send your question to the GS1 US Member Support Team:

1. From GS1 US Data Hub, click your name in the right corner, then click “Contact Support.”  

2. A new browser tab opens, and the Contact Support form displays. Enter your name, e-mail address and company name, postal code and country. Select the "Area of Tool" from the drop-down menu, and a topic from the “Contact GS1 US Data Hub About” drop-down menu. Then type your question in the “Message” box. 


3. Click the “Submit” button. A GS1 US Member Support representative will contact you. 

GS1 US Data Hub Product Share User Guide

22 February 2019

GS1 US Data Hub Product Share User Guide

Brand owners can share In Use products with GS1 US Data Hub Product View/Use subscribers. They can also share products that are sold to consumers available via the GS1 Registry Platform, which can be viewed by GS1 subscribers around the world. 

They can also stop sharing products with Product View/Use subscribers, as well.

To learn more, view the GS1 US Data Hub Product Share User Guide: click here >

GS1 US Data Hub Administration User Guide

22 February 2019

GS1 US Data Hub Administration User Guide

To view the Data Hub Administration Guide, click here >