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GS1 US Data Hub Product Create Manage User Guide

22 February 2019

GS1 US Data Hub Product Create Manage User Guide

To view the GS1 US Data Hub Product Create Manage User Guide, click here >

For basic steps on how to create a product and UPC-A barcode, visit the Create a Barcode and Generate a UPC-A Barcode article.



Create a Product and Generate a UPC-A Barcode

24 October 2019

Create a Product and Generate a UPC-A Barcode

If you have licensed a GS1 Company Prefix, you can create products and assign your available GTINs to them, so you can generate a barcode image.

Note: if you licensed a single GS1 US GTIN, instead of a GS1 Company Prefix, your product is already saved in GS1 US Data Hub with the In Use status. Visit the GS1 US GTIN article to learn how to generate your barcode, create a case, etc.

Follow these quick steps to create a consumer trade item that can be purchased at a store or online:

  1. Click Product, then the Add New Product link on the right.

  2. Product Description – This is a "functional description" to share with retailers, not the marketing description that is used for consumers. A best practice is to include brand name, type of product, variation (color, flavor, scent, etc), and net contents. There is a 200-character limit on this field.

  3. Brand Name – Enter the name of the product line that is used with consumers. There is a 70-character limit.

  4. Product Industry – This will help retailers and other Product View/Use subscribers filter by “industry” when searching for products.
    CPG = Consumer Packaged Goods (groceries, personal care and beauty products, home cleaning products, etc.);
    General = General Merchandise (toys, flooring, appliances, etc.)

  5. SKU (optional) - This is the Stock Keeping Unit that your company may assign to products to help track inventory. The SKU can be alphanumeric. There is a 70-character limit. You can add or change the SKU for this product, even after you set the status to In Use.

  6. Packaging Level – "Each" is the default, and is generally the consumer unit sold at check out or online. To learn about other packaging level options, view this Packaging Level article.

  7. Purchasable by Consumer? – “Yes” is the default selection when you select the “Each” packaging level. Selecting “Yes” will make the UPC-A barcode image available in a later step. 

  8. For Shipping Purposes Only? – Keep "No" selected, as this is the default when “Yes” is selected for Purchasable by Consumer?. You should only select “Yes” if the item is a shipping and receiving trade item, and NOT sold to consumers at retail or online.

  9. Variable Measure? – Keep "No" selected, as most products are fixed measure trade items, not variable measure trade items. A variable measure trade item does NOT receive the GTIN-12. A product that has different sizes, such as jars of sauce in 10, 20 and 30 oz jars, is NOT a variable measure trade item. These three products are fixed measure trade items that require three unique GTINs. 


  10. Press Save and Continue. This product detail record is in the Draft status. The Step 2 page displays.

  11. Now you can assign the GTIN. Click the Let Us Assign Your GTIN button. GS1 US Data Hub will assign the next available GTIN to this product. This available GTIN is displayed under the Your GTIN heading as both a GTIN-12 and a GTIN with 14 digits, with two leading zeroes (which is how it's stored in databases).

    Already have a GTIN to assign to this product? Then click the Choose a Specific GTIN button and type the desired GTIN yourself. The Company Prefix is already populated. Note: The GTIN-12 for an "Each" item must start with two fill zeroes (00), as this is the 14-digit representation of the GTIN that would be stored in a database.

    Optional: Generate a For Placement Only barcode. 
    After you assign the GTIN, the item moves from Draft to PreMarket status. You can now click the Barcode tab to generate a “For Placement Only” (FPO) barcode image for product and packaging design purposes only. You will be able to generate a scannable barcode image (PNG file) after you change the status​ to In Use.

    Optional: Add Additional Product Information. 

    While the product is in the PreMarket status, you can add other product information in Step 3 and Step 4, such as net contents and net weight. Some of these key product attributes cannot be changed after you set the status to In Use. 

    Click the Verified by GS1 article to learn more about the attributes associated with the Verified by GS1 program and the GS1 Registry Platform.

  12. When you're ready to share this product with the marketplace, click the Set Status to In Use button. 

    You can now create a barcode that can be scanned by your customers.

  13. To generate the barcode, click the View Barcode button.   

    The Barcode screen displays:

    - Application Area – This is the environment in which the barcode will be scanned.  The list of available application areas is based on the details for this product detail record.

    - Barcode Type – The selected barcode symbol. UPC-A is the default if "Each" is the Packaging Level, "Yes" is selected for "Purchasable by Consumer," and Application Area is "General Retail/Grocery."

    - Size – You have three choices for the barcode dimensions: the optimum ("Target") size, minimum size that can accommodate all scanners, and maximum size. 

  14. Click Preview Barcode then click the Download button to download a PNG file of the barcode image to your computer. Note: an EPS or vector file format is not available. To print this barcode using an Avery label template, click the Print button. You can also click the "Export Barcode Definitions" button to share the barcode symbol specifications with a GS1 Standards Professional print vendor.

    Have any questions about working with the UPC-A barcode image? View the Work with my UPC-A barcode article in the Help Center.

Learn more:

View the Product Create/Manage User Guide in this Help Center.

View the Create a Barcode for a Retail Item module for a step-by-step demonstration.

Packaging Level Definitions (Hierarchy)

1 November 2019

Packaging Level Definitions (Hierarchy)

Here is a brief summary of the Packaging Level options available in GS1 US Data Hub. It's based on a hierarchy, so you should enter the "Each" unit first, and then "Inner Pack," and so on, if you need to add these units as "children" into the higher level "parent" units. To view a product's relationships, click a product detail record from My Products, then scroll down to view the "Product Hierarchy" relationships. 

For more details, watch the Packaging Level module in the GS1 US University Learning Management System (sign in is required). More details are also available in the Product Create Manage User Guide.



The lowest level of the item hierarchy intended or labeled for individual resale. Generally this is the consumer unit sold at check out or online. This item would be assigned a GTIN-12 (U.P.C.).

Example: a jar of jam
Inner Pack   Intermediate package of multiples of the same trade item or a predefined assortment of trade items (representing a single GTIN). When you select Inner Pack, the box on the screen is UNCHECKED for “Can this item be purchased by the consumer?”.  In other words, this inner pack is NOT being sold to consumers. Optionally, you can check the box for this field if the inner pack is being sold to consumers.

Example: four jars of jam for shipping/receiving only.
Case   A standard shipping unit that contains “eaches” (packaged either individually or grouped as an inner pack). All of the items in a case must have the same GTIN.

Example: a case containing 8 jars of strawberry jam.
Mixed Case   Contains more than one type of “each,” and must contain more than one GTIN. The case can contain eaches or inner packs.​

Example: a case that holds 4 jars of strawberry jam and 4 jars of blueberry jam.
Pallet   A shipping unit that contains either cases, inner packs, or eaches. It must contain one GTIN regardless of the number of items in the grouping.

Example: a pallet containing 18 cases of strawberry jam.
Mixed Pallet   A shipping unit that can contain any combination of cases, inner packs, and/or eaches and must contain more than one GTIN.​

Example: a pallet containing 9 cases of strawberry jam and 9 cases of blueberry jam.
Display Shipper   A shipping unit that is a self-contained display. It can contain a single type of “each” or multiple types of eaches.​

Example: a promotional display containing both strawberry jam and blueberry jam.
Case as Each   Designed for goods that are shipped as a case, but the contents of the case are NEVER offered for sale on their own. This is used by industries such as foodservice that need to designate the case as its lowest orderable unit. The contents inside are neither assigned GTINs, nor are they sold at checkout or online.​ 

Example: a 25 lb. pack of bulk mushrooms.

Unit of Measure Codes

8 November 2019

Unit of Measure Codes

Product Import and API

UOM names are listed alphabetically by name. Locate the UOM name and then enter the appropriate code in the NetContent1UnitOfMeasure, NetContent2UnitofMeasure, and/or NetContent3UnitofMeasure columns.

Related Links: These same Unit of Measure Codes are also listed in the Product Import User Guide, Appendix E.

Unit of Measure Code Definition
15 C Calorie A1
Access Line AL
Acre ACR
Actual Ton 26
Additional Minute AH
Air Dry Metric Ton MD
Alcoholic Strength By Mass ASM
Alcoholic Strength By Volume ASU
Aluminium Pound Only AP
Ampere AMP
Ampere Hour AMH A unit of electric charge defining the amount of charge accumulated by a steady flow of one ampere for one hour.
Ampere Per Centimetre A2
Ampere Per Metre AE
Ampere Per Millimetre A3
Ampere Per Square Centimetre A4
Ampere Per Square Metre A41
Ampere Per Square Metre Kelvin Squared A6
Ampere Per Square Millimetre A7
Ampere Second A8
Ampere Square Metre A5
Ampere Square Metre Per Joule Second A10
Ampere Tum Per Centimetre 73
Ampoule AM
Angstrom A11 A unit of length equal to one hundred-millionth of a centimetre, 10–10 metre, used mainly to express wavelengths and interatomic distances.
Anti XA Unit AXU A unit of measure for blood potency. Units for the anti XA activity which is a measure to the anti coagulating effect at low molecular heparins.
Anti-Hemophilic Factor (Ahf) Unit AQ
Assembly AY
Assortment AS A unit of count defining the number of assortments (assortment: set of items grouped in a mixed collection).
Astronomical Unit A12
Atomic Mass Units (AMU) D43
Attojoule A13
Average Minute Per Call AI
Bag BG
Bale BL
Ball AA
Band D92
Bar BR The bar is widely used in descriptions of pressure; 1 bar = 100 kilopascals 0.987 atmospheres.
Bar (unit of pressure) BAR The bar is widely used in descriptions of pressure; 1 bar = 100 kilopascals 0.987 atmospheres.
Barge NB
Barn A14
Barn Per Electron Volt A15
Barn Per Steradian Electron Volt, A16
Barn Per Sterdian A17
Barrel (Us) Per Day B1
Barrel Per Minute 5A
Barrel US BLL There are varying standards for barrel for some specific commodities, including 31 gal for beer, 40 gal for whiskey or kerosene, and 42 gal for petroleum. The general standard for liquids is 31.5 gal or half a hogshead; the general standard for dry contents is 7,056 Cubic Inches.
Barrel, Imperial B4
Base box BB A unit of area of 112 sheets of tin mil products (tin plate, tin free steel or black plate) 14 by 20 inches, or 31,360 square inches.
Base Weight BW
Basket BK
Batch 5B
Batt B9
Batting Pound B3
Beam D79
Beats Per Minute BPM
Becquerel BQL The SI derived unit of radioactivity. One Bq is defined as the activity of a quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second. SI uses the becquerel rather than the second for the unit of activity measure to avoid dangerous mistakes: a measurement in becquerels is proportional to activity, and thus a more dangerous source of radiation gives a higher reading. A measurement in seconds is inversely proportional.
Becquerel Per Kilogram A18
Becquerel Per Metre Cubed A19
Belt E2
Billet B5
Bin 2W
Bit per second B10 In telecommunications and computing, bitrate (sometimes written bit rate, data rate or as a variable R or fb) is the number of bits that are conveyed or processed per unit of time.The bit rate is quantified using the bits per second (bit/s or bps) unit.
Block D64
Board BD
Board Foot BFT A specialized unit of measure for the volume of rough lumber (before drying and planing with no adjustments) or planed/surfaced lumber. It is the volume of a one-foot length of a board one foot wide and one inch thick. Some countries utilize the synonym super foot or superficial foot.
Bobbin 4A
Bolt BT
Book D63 A unit of count defining the number of books (book: set of items bound together or written document of a material whole).
Bottle BO
Box BX
Brake Horse Power BHP
British thermal unit BTU A traditional unit of energy. It is approximately the amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. One Btu is equal to about 1.06 kilojoules. It is used in the power, steam generation, heating and air conditioning industries.
British Thermal Unit Per Hour 2I
British Thermal Unit Per Hour Square Foot Degree Rankin A23
British Thermal Unit Per Pound AZ
British Thermal Unit Per Pound Degree Rankin A21
British Thermal Unit Per Second Foot Degree Rankin A22
British Thermal Unit Per Second Square Foot Degree Rankin A20
Brush BH
Btu Per Cubic Foot B0
Bucket BJ
Bulk VQ
Bulk Car Load 48
Bulk Pack AB
Bun B6
Bundle BE
Bunk B2
Bushel (UK) BUI A bushel is an imperial and U.S. customary unit of dry volume, equivalent in each of these systems to 4 pecks or 8 gallons. It is used for volumes of dry commodities (not liquids), most often in agriculture
Bushel (US) BUA A bushel is an imperial and U.S. customary unit of dry volume, equivalent in each of these systems to 4 pecks or 8 gallons. It is used for volumes of dry commodities (not liquids), most often in agriculture
Byte AD
Caboose Count 1D
Caboose Mile 1H
Cake KA
Call C0
Calorie D70 A calorie is 1/100 of the amount of energy required to warm one gram of air-free water from 0 °C to 100 °C at standard atmospheric pressure; this is about 4.190 J. Its use is archaic, having been replaced by the SI unit of energy, the joule. However, in many countries it remains in common use as a unit of food energy. In the context of nutrition, and especially food labelling, the calorie is approximately equal to 4.1868 joules (J), and energy values are normally quoted in kilojoules (kJ) and kilocalories (kcal). This code is being deprecated. Use code E14 Kilocalorie to express food calories.
Calorie - Calorie Per Cubic Centimetre 92
Calorie Per Gram 93
Can CA
Candela CDL
Candela per Square Metre A24
Cap 4B
Capsule AV
Car NC
Car Count 1B
Car Mile 1A
Carboy CO
Card CG A unit of count defining the number of units of card (card: thick stiff paper or cardboard).
Carload C4
Carrying Capacity In Metric Ton CCT
Carset C2
Carton CT
Cartridge CQ
Case CS
Cask Z3
Cassette D66
Catch Weight 31
Cell C6
Cental (Uk) CNT
Centigram CGM A centigram is one hundredth (1/100) of a gram
Centilitre CLT A centilitre is one hundredth (1/100) of a litre
Centimetre CMT A centimetre is equal to one hundredth of a metre.
Centimetre Per Second 2M
Centipoise C7
Centisimal Hahnemannian Dilution (CH) X_CHD
Centistokes 4C
Chain X1
Chest Z2
Cheval Vapeur A25
Coil CL
Coil Group C9
Colony Forming Units CFU
Column Inch II
Combo CZ
Composite Product Pound (Total Weight) C1
Cone CJ
Conference Point Z6
Connector CK
Container CH
Conventional Millimetre Of Mercury HN Conventional millimetre of mercury mm Hg.
Conventional Millimetre Of Water HP
Cop AJ
Cord WCD
Cost C5
Coulomb COU
Coulomb Metre A26
Coulomb Metre Squared Per Volt A27
Coulomb Per Cubic Centimetre A28
Coulomb Per Cubic Metre A29
Coulomb Per Cubic Millimetre A30
Coulomb Per Kilogram CKG
Coulomb Per Kilogram Second A31
Coulomb Per Mole A32
Coulomb Per Square Centimetre A33
Coulomb Per Square Metre A34
Coulomb Per Square Millimetre A35
Count 1N Count
Count Per Centimetre IT
Count Per Inch IC
Count Per Minute 5K
Cover CV
Crate CR
Cubic centimetre CMQ A cubic centimetre is the volume of a cube of side length one centimetre (0.01 m) equal to a millilitre.
Cubic Centimetre Per Mole A36
Cubic Centimetre Per Second 2J
Cubic decimetre DMQ A cubic decimetre is the volume of a cube of side length one decimetre (0.1 m)
Cubic Decimetre Per Mole A37
Cubic Feet Per Minute Per Square Foot 36
Cubic foot FTQ A cubic foot is the volume of a cube of side length one foot (0.3048 m) .
Cubic Foot Per Hour 2K
Cubic Foot Per Minute 2L
Cubic inch INQ A cubic inch is the volume of a cube of side length one inch (0.254 m).
Cubic metre MTQ A cubic metre is the volume of a cube of side length one metre.
Cubic Metre (Net) D90
Cubic Metre Per Coulomb A38
Cubic Metre Per Hour MQH Cubic Metre Per Hour
Cubic Metre Per Kilogram A39
Cubic Metre Per Mole A40
Cubic Metre Per Second MQS
Cubic millimetre MMQ A cubic millimetre is the volume of a cube of side length one milliimetre (0.001 m)
Cubic Yard YDQ
Cup CU
Cup (US) G21 Cup (US)
Curie CUR
Curie Per Kilogram A42
Curl Unit 94
Cycle B7
Cylinder CY
Data Record DQ
Days DAY A day is one three hundreds and sixty fifth (1/365) of a year
Deadweight Tonnage A43 A unit of mass defining the difference between the weight of a ship when completely empty and its weight when completely loaded, expressed as the number of tons.
Deal DE
Decade DEC
Decagram DJ
Decalitre A44
Decametre A45
Decare DAA
Decibar X_DBA
Decibel 2N A measurement for sound in air and other gases, relative to 20 micropascals (μPa) = 2×10−5 Pa, the quietest sound a human can hear. This is roughly the sound of a mosquito flying 3 metres away. This is often abbreviated to just "dB"; however the correct abbreviation is dB(SPL), indicating decibel for Sound Pressure Level.
Decigram DG A decigram is one tenth (1/10) of a gram.
Decilitre DLT A decilitre is one tenth (1/10) of a litre.
Decilitre Per Gram 22
Decimetre DMT A decimetre is equal to one tenth of a metre.
Decinewton Metre DN
Decitex A47
Decitonne DTN
Degree (Unit of Angel) DD A measurement of plane angle, representing 1⁄360 of a full rotation; one degree is equivalent to π/180 radians.
Degree Celsius CEL Celsius (also historically known as centigrade) is a temperature scale, the freezing point of water is 0 degrees Celsius (°C) and the boiling point 100 °C (at standard atmospheric pressure), placing the boiling and freezing points of water exactly 100 degrees apart.
Degree Fahrenheit FAH The Fahrenheit temperature scale, the freezing point of water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) and the boiling point 212 °F (at standard atmospheric pressure), placing the boiling and freezing points of water exactly 180 degrees apart.
Degree Rankin A48
Denier A49
Directory Book DY
Disk (Disc) DC
Dispenser DI
Displacement Tonnage DPT
Display DS
Dollar Per Hour D67
Dose E27 A unit of count defining the number of doses (dose: a definite quantity of a medicine or drug).
Dots per inch E39 A unit of count defining the number of dots per linear inch as a measure of the resolution or sharpness of a graphic image.
Dozen DZN A unit of count defining the number of units in multiples of 12.
Dozen Pack DZP
Dozen Pair DPR
Dozen Piece DPC
Dozen Roll DRL
Drachm (Uk) DRM
Draize Score D8
Dram (UK) DRI The dram (archaic spelling drachm) was historically both a coin and a weight. Currently it is both a small mass in the Apothecaries' system of weights and a small unit of volume. This unit is called more correctly fluid dram or in contraction also fluidram. The fluid dram is defined as 1⁄8 of a fluid ounce, which means it is exactly equal to 3.551 632 812 500 0 mL in the Commonwealth and Ireland. In England dram came to mean a small draught of cordial or alcohol; hence the term dram-house for the taverns where one could purchase a dram.
Dram (US) DRA The dram (archaic spelling drachm) was historically both a coin and a weight. Currently it is both a small mass in the Apothecaries' system of weights and a small unit of volume. This unit is called more correctly fluid dram or in contraction also fluidram. The term also refers to the fluid dram, a measure of capacity equal 1⁄8 of a fluid ounce, which means it is exactly equal to 3.696 691 195 312 5 mL in the United States.
Drum DR
Dry Barrel (Us) BLD
Dry Gallon (Us) GLD
Dry Pint (US) PTD The United States dry pint is equal one eighth of a US dry gallon or one half US dry quarts. It is used in the United States but is not as common as the liquid pint.
Dry Pound DB
Dry Ton DT
Dyn Second Per Cubic Centimetre A50
Dyne DU
Dyne Per Centimetre DX
Dyne Per Square Centimeter D9
Dyne Second Per Centimetre A51
Dyne Second Per Centimetre To The Fifth A52
Each EA A unit of count defining the number of items regarded as separate units.
Each Per Month EC
Eight Pack P8
Electronic Mail Box EB
Electronvolt A53
Electronvolt Per Metre A54
Electronvolt Square Metre A55
Electronvolt Square Metre Per Kilogram A56
Eleven Pack EP
ELISA Units ELU Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay unit, is always associated with a product and a method.
Empty Car 1E
Envelope EV
Equivalent Gallon EQ
Erg A57
Erg Per Centimetre A58
Erg Per Cubic Centimetre A60
Erg Per Gram A61
Erg Per Gram Second A62
Erg Per Second A63
Erg Per Second Square Centimetre A64
Erg Per Square Centimetre Second A65
Erg Square Centimetre A66
Erg Square Centimetre Per Gram A67
Exajoule A68
Failure Rate In Time 63
Farad FAR
Farad Per Metre A69
Fathom AK
Femtojoule A70
Femtolitre Q32
Femtometre A71
Fibre Per Cubic Centimetre Of Air F9
Field FB
Fifteen Kg Drum 98
Fifty Lb Bag 47
Fifty Lb Bulk Bag 46
Fiftyfive Gallon (Us) Drum 18
Five Pack P5
Fivehundred Kg Bulk Bag 44
Fixed Rate 1I
Flake Ton FL
Fluid ounce (UK) OZI A fluid ounce (UK) is equal to one thirtieth (1/30) of a UK pint or 28.4130625 millilitres.
Fluid ounce (US) OZA A fluid ounce (US) is equal to one sixteenth (1/16) of a US pint or 29.5735295625 millilitres .
Foot FOT The international foot is defined to be equal to 0.3048 meters.
Foot Per Minute FR
Foot Per Second FS
Foot Per Second Squared A73
Foot Pound-Force 85
Foot Pound-Force Per Second A74
Forty Foot Container 21
Four Pack P4
Freight Ton A75
French gauge H79 The French scale (most correctly abbreviated as Fr, but also often abbreviated as FR or F) is commonly used to measure the catheter size (Circumference is in millimeters), in which 1 Fr = 0.33 mm in diameter. In the French Gauge system as it is also known, the diameter in millimeters of the catheter can be determined by dividing the French size by 3, thus an increasing French size corresponds with a larger diameter catheter. The following equations summarize the relationships: D(mm) = Fr/3 or Fr = D(mm)*3
Fuel Usage Gallon (Us) 1G
Gage System GZ
Gal A76
Gallon (UK) GLI The imperial (UK) gallon was legally defined as 4.54609 litres.
Gallon (US) GLL The U.S. liquid gallon is legally defined as 231 cubic inches, and is equal to exactly 3.785411784 litres or about 0.133680555 cubic feet.
Gallon (Us) Per Day GB
Gallon Per Thousand Cubic Feet GW
Gallon(Us) Per Thousand 5C A number referring to the outer diameter of hypodermic or suture needles. Smaller gauge numbers indicate larger outer diameters. Inner diameter depends on both gauge and wall thickness. An increasing needle-gauge size corresponds to a smaller diameter needle. This is contrary to French Gauge where an increasing gauge size corresponds to a larger external diameter.
Gauge AWG
Gauss 76
Gaussian Cgs Unit Of Displacement A77
Gaussian Cgs Unit Of Electic Current A78
Gaussian Cgs Unit Of Electric Charge A79
Gaussian Cgs Unit Of Electric Field Strength A80
Gaussian Cgs Unit Of Electric Polarization A81
Gaussian Cgs Unit Of Electric Potential A82
Gaussian Cgs Unit Of Magnetization A83
Gigabecquerel GBQ
Gigabyte E34
Gigacoulomb Per Cubic Metre A84
Gigaelectronvolt A85
Gigahertz A86
Gigajoule GV
Gigaohm A87
Gigaohm Metre A88
Gigapascal A89
Gigawatt A90
Gigawatt hour GWH
Gill (Uk) GII
Gill (Us) GIA
Gon A91
Grain GRN A grain or troy grain is precisely 64.79891 milligrams. Exactly 7,000 grains per avoirdupois pound.
Gram GRM One one-thousandth of the kilogram (1×10-3 kg).
Gram Of Fissile Isotope GFI
Gram Per 100 Gram GC
Gram Per Cubic Metre A93
Gram Per Hour F27
Gram Per Kilogram GK
Gram Per Litre GL A unit of measurement of mass concentration that shows how many grams of a certain substance are present in one litre.
Gram Per Metre (Gram Per 100 Centimetres) GF
Gram Per Millilitre GJ
Gram Per Mole A94
Gram Per Square Centimetre 25
Gram per square metre GM In the metric system, the density of all types of paper, paperboard, and fabric, is expressed in terms of grams per square meter (g/m2).This quantity is commonly called grammage both in English and French (ISO 536), though many English- speaking countries still refer to the "weight". The term density here is used somewhat incorrectly, as density is mass by volume. More precisely, it is a measure of the area density, areal density, or surface density.
Grams Per Cubic Centimetre 23 Grams Per Cubic Centimetre
Gray A95
Gray Per Second A96
Great Gross GGR
Gross GRO A unit of count defining the number of units in multiples of 144 (12 x 12).
Gross Barrel GD
Gross Gallon GN
Gross kilogram E4 A unit of mass defining the total number of kilograms before deductions.
Gross Register Ton GRT
Gross Ton GT
Gross Yard GY
Group 10
Half dozen HD A unit of count defining the number of units in multiplt of six (6).
Half Gallon (Us) GH
Half Hour HT
Half Litre H2
Half Page H1
Half Pint (Us) PV
Half Year (6 Months) SAN
Hank HA
Heat Lot 8
Heat Transfer Coefficient D55
Hectare HAR
Hectobar HBA
Hectogram HGM A hectogram is one hundred (100) grams
Hectolitre HLT A hectolitre is one hundred (100) litres.
Hectolitre Of Pure Alcohol HPA
Hectometre HMT
Hectopascal A97
Henry 81
Henry Per Metre A98
Hertz HTZ
Histamine Equivalent Prick HEP Histamine equivalent prick testing for allergen.
Hogshead Z4
Horse Power Day Per Air Dry Metric Ton 30
Hour HUR An hour is a unit of measurement of time of the duration of 60 minutes, or 3600 seconds. It is 1/24 of a median Earth day.
Hundred CEN
Hundred board foot BP A unit of volume equal to one hundred board foot.
Hundred Boxe HBX
Hundred count HC A unit of count defining the number of units counted in multiples of 100.
Hundred Cubic Feet HH
Hundred Cubic Metre FF
Hundred Feet HF
Hundred Feet (Linear) HL
Hundred Fifteen Kg Drum 16
Hundred International Unit HIU
Hundred Kilogram HK
Hundred Lb Drum 17
Hundred Leave CLF
Hundred Linear Yard YL
Hundred Pack CNP
Hundred pound (cwt) / hundred weight (US) CWA A unit of weight in the U.S. Customary System equal to 100 pounds (45.36 kilograms); also called cental.
Hundred Sheet HI
Hundred Square Feet HS
Hundred Troy Ounce HO
Hundred weight (UK) CWI A unit of weight in the British Imperial System equal to 112 pounds (50.80 kilograms); also called quintal.
Hundred Yard HY
Hundredth Of A Carat HE
Hydraulic Horse Power 5J
Imperial Gallon Per Minute G3
Impression IM
Inch Per Minute IL
Inch Per Second (Linear Speed) IU
Inch Per Second Squared (Acceleration) IV
Inch Pound (Pound Inch) IA
Inch To The Fourth Power D69
Inches INH An international inch is defined to be equal to 25.4 millimeters.
Inches Of Water IF
Insurance Policy IP
International Table (It) Calorie Per Gram D75
International Table (It) Calorie Per Gram Kelvin D76
International Table (It) Calorie Per Second Centimetre Kelvin D71
International Table (It) Calorie Per Second Square Centimetre Kelvin D72
Jar JR
Joint JO
Joule JOU
Joule Per Cubic Metre B8
Joule Per Gram D95
Joule Per Kelvin JE
Joule Per Kilogram J2
Joule Per Kilogram Kelvin B11
Joule Per Metre B12
Joule Per Metre To The Fourth Power B14
Joule Per Mole B15
Joule Per Mole Kelvin B16
Joule Per Square Metre B13
Joule Second B18
Joule Square Metre D73
Joule Square Metre Per Kilogram B20
Jug JG
Jumbo JB
Kallikrein inactivator unit. KIU
Keg KG
Kelvin KEL A unit of absolute temperature equal to 1/273.16 of the absolute temperature of the triple point of water. One kelvin degree is equal to one Celsius degree.
Kelvin Per Watt B21
Kilo Becquerel 2Q
Kiloampere B22
Kiloampere Hour (Thousand Ampere Hour) TAH
Kiloampere Per Metre B24
Kiloampere Per Square Metre B23
Kilobar KBA
Kilobecquerel Per Kilogram B25
Kilobyte 2P
Kilocalorie (international table) E14
Kilocharacter KB
Kilocoulomb B26
Kilocoulomb Per Cubic Metre B27
Kilocoulomb Per Square Metre B28
Kilocurie 2R
Kiloelectronvolt B29
Kilogauss 78
Kilogram KGM A unit of mass equal to one thousand grams.
Kilogram Decimal KD
Kilogram Metre Per Second B31
Kilogram Metre Squared B32
Kilogram Metre Squared Per Second B33
Kilogram Named Substance KNS
Kilogram Of Nitrogen KNI
Kilogram Of Phosphorus Pentoxide (Phosphoric Anhydride) KPP
Kilogram Of Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash) KPH
Kilogram Of Potassium Oxide KPO
Kilogram Of Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) KSH
Kilogram Of Substance 90 % Dry KSD
Kilogram Of Uranium KUR
Kilogram Per Air Dry Metric Ton 32
Kilogram Per Cubic Decimetre B34
Kilogram Per Cubic Metre KMQ
Kilogram Per Kilogram Of Product 3H
Kilogram Per Litre B35
Kilogram Per Metre KL
Kilogram Per Millimetre Width KI
Kilogram Per Mole D74
Kilogram Per Piece Of Product 3I
Kilogram Per Second KGS Kilogram drained net weight
Kilogram per square centimetre D5 A kilogram-force per square centimeter (kgf/cm2), often just kilogram per square centimeter (kg/cm2), or kilopond per square centimeter is a unit of pressure using metric units. Its use is now deprecated; it is not a part of the International System of Units (SI), the modern metric system. The unit is similar to the English unit psi (lbf/in2).
Kilogram per square metre 28 A unit of pressure equal to 9.80665*10-05 Bar
Kilogram-Force B37
Kilogram-Force Metre B38
Kilogram-Force Metre Per Second B39
Kilogram-Force Per Square Metre B40
Kilograms Per Millimeter KW
Kilohertz KHZ
Kilojoule KJO
Kilojoule Per Kelvin B41
Kilojoule Per Kilogram B42
Kilojoule Per Kilogram Kelvin B43
Kilojoule Per Mole B44
Kilolitre K6
Kilolitre Per Hour 4X
Kilometre KMT A kilometre is one thousand (1000) metres
Kilometre KTM
Kilometre Per Hour KMH
Kilomole B45
Kilomole Per Cubic Metre B46
Kilonewton B47
Kilonewton Metre B48
Kilonewton Per Square Metre KNM Kilonewton Per Square Metre
Kiloohm B49
Kiloohm Metre B50
Kilopacket KF
Kilopascal KPA
Kilopascal Square Metres Per Gram 33
Kilopascals Per Millimetre 34
Kilopond B51
Kilopound Per Square Inch 84
Kiloröntgen KR
Kilosecond B52
Kilosegment KJ
Kilosiemens B53
Kilosiemens Per Metre B54
Kilotonne KTN
Kilovar KVR
Kilovolt KVA
Kilovolt KVT
Kilovolt Ampere (Reactive) K5
Kilovolt Ampere Reactive Demand K2
Kilovolt Ampere Reactive Hour K3
Kilovolt Per Metre B55
Kilowatt KWT A kilowatt is one thousand (1000) watts
Kilowatt Demand K1
Kilowatt hour KWH
Kiloweber Per Metre B56
Kit KT A unit of count defining the number of kits (kit: tub, barrel or pail).
Knot KNT
Korsakovian (K) X_KVN
Labour Hour LH
Large Spray LJ
Layer LR A unit of count defining the number of layers.
Leaf LEF
Length LN
Lift 5
Lift Van Z1
Light Year B57
Linear Centimetre LC
Linear foot LF A unit of count defining the number of feet (12-inch) in length of a uniform width object.
Linear Inch LI
Linear metre LM A unit of count defining the number of metres in length of a uniform width object.
Linear Yard LY
Linear Yard Per Pound LX
Link LK A unit of distance equal to 0.01 chain.
Liquid pint (US) PTL The US liquid pint is equal one eighth of a United States liquid gallon.
Liquid Pound LP
Liquid quart (US) QTL A US liquid quart exactly equals 57.75 cubic inches, which is exactly equal to 0.946352946 litres.
Lite LE A litre is defined as a special name for a cubic decimetre (1 L = 1 dm3 = 1000 cm3).
Litre LTR
Litre Of Pure Alcohol LPA Litre of pure alcohol
Litre Per Day LD
Litre Per Hour E32 Litre Per Hour
Litre Per Minute L2
Litre Per Mole B58
Load NL
Locomotive Count 1C
Locomotive Mile 1K
Lot LO
Lug Z5
Lumen LUM Lumen is a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a light source.
Lumen Hour B59
Lumen Per Watt B61
Lumen Second B62 Lumen seconds is the SI derived unit of luminous energy. It is based on the lumen, the SI unit of luminous flux, and the second, the SI base unit of time. The lumen second is sometimes called the Talbot (symbol T).
Lumens per Square Meter B60
Lump Sum LS
Lux Hour B63
Lux Second B64
Machine Per Unit MA
Magnetic Tape M0
Manmonth 3C
Mass Pound D98
Mat MT
Maxwell B65
Meal Q3
Mega Litre MAL
Megaampere Per Square Metre B66
Megabecquerel 4N 106 Bq1 Bq is defined as the activity of a quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second.
Megabecquerel Per Kilogram B67
Megabyte 4L A unit of information equal to 10 (1000000) bytes.
Megacoulomb D77
Megacoulomb Per Cubic Metre B69
Megacoulomb Per Square Metre B70
Megaelectronvolt B71
Megagram 2U
Megagram Per Cubic Metre B72
Megagram Per Hour 2V
Megahertz MHZ A unit of frenquecy equal to 106 Hertz
Megajoule 3B
Megajoule Per Cubic Metre JM
Megajoule Per Kilogram JK
Megametre MAM
Meganewton B73
Meganewton Metre B74
Megaohm B75
Megaohm Metre B76
Megapascal MPA
Megasiemens Per Metre B77
Megavolt B78
Megavolt – Ampere MVA
Megavolt Per Metre B79
Megawatt MAW A unit of power defining the rate of energy transferred or consumed when a current of 1000 amperes flows due to a potential of 1000 volts at unity power factor.
Megawatt hour (1000 kW.h) MWH A unit of energy defining the total amount of bulk energy transferred or consumed.
Mesh 57
Message NF
Message Hour NH
Metre MTR The metre is the basic unit of length in the International System of Units (SI).
Metre Kelvin D18
Metre Per Minute 2X
Metre Per Second MTS
Metre Per Second Squared MSK
Metre To The Fourth Power B83
Metric Carat CTM Metric Carat
Metric Horse Power HJ
Metric Long Ton E5
Mho NQ
Microampere B84
Microbar B85
Microcoulomb B86
Microcoulomb Per Cubic Metre B87
Microcoulomb Per Square Metre B88
Microcurie M5
Microfarad 4O
Microfarad Per Metre B89
Microfiche Sheet G7
Microgram MC A microgram is one millionth of a gram (0.000001)
Microgram Per Cubic Meter GQ
Microhenry B90
Microhenry Per Metre B91
Micro-Inch M7
Microlitre 4G A microlitre is one millionth of a litre
Micrometre 4H A micrometre is one millionth of a metre, also termed Micron.
Micromho NR
Micromole FH
Micronewton B92
Micronewton Metre B93
Microohm B94
Microohm Metre B95
Micropascal B96
Microradian B97
Microsecond B98
Microsiemens B99
Microtesla D81
Microvolt D82
Microvolt Per Metre C3
Microwatt D80
Microwatt Per Square Metre D85
Mile (statute mile) SMI
Mile Per Hour HM
Millesimai (LM) X_MLM
Milliampere 4K
Milliampere hour E09
Milliard MLD
Millibar MBR
Millicoulomb D86
Millicoulomb Per Cubic Metre D88
Millicoulomb Per Kilogram C8
Millicoulomb Per Square Metre D89
Millicurie MCU
Milliequivalents MEQ
Millifarad C10
Milligal C11
Milligram MGM A milligram is one thousandth of a gram (0.001)
Milligram Per Cubic Metre GP
Milligram Per Hour 4M
Milligram Per Kilogram NA Milligram per Kilogram (mg/kg)
Milligram Per Metre C12
Milligram Per Square Foot Per Side MF
Milligram Per Square Inch MK
Milligrams Per Litre M1
Milligrams Per Square Metre GO
Milligray C13
Millihenry C14
Milli-Inch 77
Millijoule C15
Millilitre MLT A millilitre is one thousandth of a litre (0.001)
Millilitre Of Water WW
Millilitre Per Kilogram KX
Millilitre Per Minute 41
Millilitre Per Second 40
Millilitres Per Square Centimetre Second 35
Millimetre MMT A millimetre is one thousandth of a metre (0.001)
Millimetre Per Second C16
Millimetre Squared Per Second C17
Millimole C18 a millimole is one thousandth of a mole.
Millimole Per Kilogram D87
Millinewton C20
Millinewton Metre D83
Millinewton Per Metre C22
Milliohm Metre C23
Million MIO
Million Btu Per 1000 Cubic Feet M9
Million Btus BZ
Million Cubic Feet FM
Million Cubic Metre HMQ
Million International Unit (NIE) MIU A unit of count defining the number of international units in multiples of 106.
Million Particle Per Cubic Foot FD
Million Unit UM
Millipascal 74
Millipascal Second C24
Milliradian C25
Milliröntgen 2Y
Millisecond C26 A thousandth (1/1000) of a second.
Millisiemens C27
Millisievert C28
Millitesla C29
Millivolt 2Z
Millivolt Per Kelvin D49
Millivolt Per Metre C30
Milliwatt C31
Milliwatt Per Square Metre C32
Milliweber C33
Minute D61
Minute (unit of time) MIN
Mmscf/Day 5E
Mole C34 The SI base unit of amount of substance; one of a few units used to measure this physical quantity.A mole will possess mass exactly equal to the substance's molecular or atomic weight in grams. That is to say, a substance's atomic or molecular mass in atomic mass units is the same as its molar mass in grams. Because of this, one can measure the number of moles in a pure substance by weighing it and comparing the result to its molecular or atomic weight
Mole Per Cubic Decimetre C35
Mole Per Cubic Metre C36
Mole Per Kilogram C19
Mole Per Litre C38
Monetary Value M4
Month MON Unit of time equal to 1/12 of a year of 365,25 days
Most Probable Number MPN Most Probable Number: is a method of getting quantitative data on concentrations of discrete items from positive/negative (incidence) data..
Mother tincture (Dry material) X_MTC
Mutually Defined ZZ
Nanoampere C39
Nanocoulomb C40
Nanofarad C41
Nanofarad Per Metre C42
Nanogram X_NGM
Nanohenry C43
Nanohenry Per Metre C44
Nanolitre Q34 The metric unit of volume equal to one billionth of a litre, which can be represented numerically as 0.000000001/liter.
Nanometre C45 A billionth of a metre (10 to the negative 9th power)
Nanoohm Metre C46
Nanosecond C47
Nanotesla C48
Nanowatt C49
Nautical Mile NMI
Neper C50
Neper Per Second C51
Net Barrel ND
Net Gallon (Us) NG
Net Imperial Gallon NI
Net kilogram 58 A unit of mass defining the total number of kilograms after deductions.
Net Litre NE
Net Register Ton NTT
Net Ton NT
Newspage Agate Line Z8
Newton NEW
Newton Metre NU
Newton Metre Second C53
Newton Metre Squared Kilogram Squared C54
Newton Per Metre 4P
Newton Per Square Metre C55
Newton Per Square Millimetre C56
Newton Second C57
Newton Second Per Metre C58
Nine Pack P9
Number Of Articles NAR
Number Of Bobbins NBB
Number Of Cells NCL
Number of International Units NIU
Number Of Lines N2
Number Of Mults MV
Number Of Packs NMP
Number Of Pairs NPR Number of pairs
Number Of Parcels NPL
Number Of Parts NPT
Number Of Rolls NRL
Number Of Screens NJ
Octave C59
Oersted 66
Ohm Centimetre C60
Ohm Metre C61
One C62
Oscillations Per Minute OPM
Ounce ONZ A unit of mass with several definitions, the most commonly used of which are equal to approximately 30 grams
Ounce Av OZ
Ounce Foot 4R
Ounce Inch 4Q
Ounce Per Square Foot 37
Ounces Per Square Foot Per 0,01 Inch 38
Ounces per square yard ON The weight of one square yard of the material expressed in ounces. Commonly used to express the density or weight of all types of paper, paperboard, and fabric, e.g. 20 OZ or 20 Weight denim has an area density of 20 oz/yd2.The term density here is used somewhat incorrectly, as density is mass by volume. More precisely, it is a measure of the area density, areal density, or surface density.
Outfit 11
Overtime Hour OT
Package PK
Packet PA
Pad PD A unit of count defining the number of pads (pad: block of paper sheets fastened together at one end).
Page ZP
Page - Electronic P0
Page - Facsimile QA
Page - hardcopy QB A unit of count defining the number of hardcopy pages (hardcopy page: a page rendered as printed or written output on paper, film, or other permanent medium).
Page Per Inch PQ
Pail PL
Pair PR A unit of count defining the number of pairs (pair: item described by two's).
Pair Inch PB
Pallet (Lift) PF
Pallet/Unit Load D97
Panel OA
Parsec C63
Part Per Billion (Us) 61
Part per million 59 A unit of proportion equal to 10-6 (ppm).
Part Per Thousand NX
Pascal PAL
Pascal Per Kelvin C64
Pascal Second C65
Pascal Second Per Cubic Metre C66
Pascal Second Per Metre C67
Peck G23 A peck is an imperial and U.S. customary unit of dry volume, equivalent in each of these systems to 2 gallons, 8 dry quarts, or 16 dry pints.
Peck Dry (Uk) PZ
Peck Dry (Us) PY A peck is an imperial and U.S. customary unit of dry volume, equivalent in each of these systems to 2 gallons, 8 dry quarts, or 16 dry pints.
Pen Calorie N1
Pen Gram (Protein) D23
Pennyweight DWT A pennyweight (abbreviated dwt or denarius weight) is a unit of mass that is equal to 24 grains, 1⁄20 of a troy ounce, 1⁄240 of a troy pound, and exactly 1.55517384 grams. (Usage- The pennyweight is the common weight used in the valuation and measurement of precious metals. Jewellers use the pennyweight in calculating the amount and cost of precious metals used in fabricating or casting jewellery. Similarly, dentists and dental labs still use the pennyweight as the measure of precious metals in dental crowns and inlays.)
Percent P1
Percent Per 1000 Hour 62
Percent Weight 60
Person IE
Petajoule C68
pH (potential of Hydrogen) Q30
Phon C69
Pica R1
Picoampere C70
Picocoulomb C71
Picofarad 4T
Picofarad Per Metre C72
Picohenry C73
Picolitre Q33 Picolitre- Picoliter is the metric unit of volume equal to a trillionth (one millionth of a millionth) of a liter, which can be represented numerically as 0.000000000001/liter. just as the prefix nano denotes a billionth part.
Picometre C52 Picometre- a trillionth of a metre (10 to the negative 12th power)
Picowatt C75 Picowatt is a derived metric SI (System International) measurement unit of power.The picowatt is equal to one trillionth of a watt (10-12W).
Picowatt Per Square Metre C76
Piece H87 A unit of count defining the number of pieces (piece: a single item, article or exemplar).
Piece PCE
Pint (UK) PTI A pint (UK) is equal to 1/8 Gallon (UK); used primarly as a measure for beer and cider when sold by the glass.
Pint (Us) PT
Pitch PI
Pixel E37 A unit of count defining the number of pixels (pixel: picture element).
Pixel per centimetre X_PPC
Pixel per inch X_PPI
Plaque Forming unit(s) PFU
Plate PG
Point PNT
Poise 89
Portion PTN Portion
Potential Renal Solute Load PRS
Pound LBR The international avoirdupois pound of exactly 0.45359237 kilogram.
Pound Equivalent PE
Pound Gage C77
Pound Gross D96
Pound Net PN
Pound Per Air Dry Metric Ton NY
Pound Per Cubic Foot 87
Pound Per Cubic Inch LA
Pound Per Foot P2
Pound Per Gallon (Us) GE
Pound Per Hour 4U
Pound Per Inch Of Length PO
Pound Per Inch Of Width PW
Pound Per Piece Of Product 3G
Pound Per Pound Of Product 3E
Pound Per Ream RP
Pound per square foot FP A non SI unit of Pressure approximately equal to 47.88025 PASCAL's.
Pound per square inch - Absolute 80 Psia (pound-force per square inch absolute)is a unit of pressure pressure relative to a vacuum (such as that in space).At sea level, Earth's atmosphere actually exerts a pressure of 14.7 psi. Humans do not feel this pressure because internal pressure of liquid in their bodies matches the external pressure. If a pressure gauge is calibrated to read zero in space, then at sea level on Earth it would read 14.7 psi. Thus a reading of 30 psig, on Earth, on a tire gauge represents an absolute pressure of 44.7 psi (lb/in2).
Pound per square inch - Gauge 64 Psig (pound-force per square inch gauge) is a unit of pressure relative to the surrounding atmosphere. At sea level, Earth's atmosphere actually exerts a pressure of 14.7 psi. Humans do not feel this pressure because internal pressure of liquid in their bodies matches the external pressure. If a pressure gauge is calibrated to read zero in space, then at sea level on Earth it would read 14.7 psi. Thus a reading of 30 psig, on Earth, on a tire gauge represents an absolute pressure of 44.7 psi (lb/in2).
Pound Per Thousand Square Feet 29
Pound Percentage PM
Pound-Force C78
Pound-force per square inch PS The pound-force per square inch (symbol: psi or lbf/in2 or lbf/in2) is a unit of pressure or of stress based on avoirdupois units. It is the pressure resulting from a force of one pound-force applied to an area of one square inch. Other abbreviations are used that append a modifier to "psi". However, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology recommends that, to avoid confusion, any modifiers be instead applied to the quantity being measured rather than the unit of measure[1] For example, "Pg = 100 psi" rather than "P = 100 psig".
Pounds Per Thousand 5F
Powder Filled Vial AW
Print Point N3
Proof Gallon PGL
Proof Gallon QTI
Pump 5G
Pump QTD
Quart (Uk) QTI
Quart (US dry) QTD A US dry quart is equal to 1/32 of a US bushel, exactly 1.101220942715 litres.
Quart (Us) QT
Quarter (Of A Year) QAN
Quarter (Uk) QTR
Quarter Dozen QD
Quarter Hour QH
Quarter Kilogram QK
Quarter Mile 1X
Quire QR
Rack RA
Rad C80
Radian C81
Radian Meter Squared Per Mole C82
Radian Metre Squared Per Kilogram C83
Radian Per Metre C84
Radian Per Second 2A
Radian Per Second Squared 2B
Rate A9
Ration 13
Ream RM
Ream Metric Measure RN
Reciprocal †Ngstr"M C85
Reciprocal Cubic Metre C86
Reciprocal Cubic Metre Per Second C87
Reciprocal Electron Volt Per Cubic Metre C88
Reciprocal Henry C89
Reciprocal Joule Per Cubic Metre C90
Reciprocal Kelvin Or Kelvin To The Power Minus One C91
Reciprocal Metre C92
Reciprocal Metre Squared Reciprocal Second B81
Reciprocal Minute C94
Reciprocal Mole C95
Reciprocal Pascal Or Pascal To The Power Minus One C96
Reciprocal Second C97
Reciprocal Second Per Cubic Metre C98
Reciprocal Second Per Metre Squared C99
Reciprocal Second Per Steradian D1
Reciprocal Second Per Steradian Metre Squared D2
Reciprocal Square Metre C93
Reel RL
Rem D91
Reset RS
Retinol Equivalent (RE) XRE A unit used for quantifying the vitamin A value of sources of vitamin A, including both preformed retinoids and precursor carotenoids.
Revenue Ton Mile RT
Revolutions Per Minute RPM
Revolutions Per Second RPS
Ring RG
Rod RD
Roll RO A unit of count defining the number of rolls” where “Roll” is the name of the code value in UN/ECE Recommendation 21, pluralized as appropriate.
Roll Metric Measure RK
Röntgen 2C
Röntgen Per Second D6
Round D65
Run RU
Running Or Operating Hour RH
Sack SA
Sample per second X_SPS
Sandwich D7
Saybold Universal Second 90
Score SCO
Scruple SCR
Second D62
Second (unit of time) SEC
Second Per Cubic Metre D93
Second Per Radian Cubic Metre D94
Section SE
Segment SG
Seismic Level 5P
Seismic Line 5Q
Serving X_SER A unit of count defining the number of servings being referenced. There is a validation limiting the usage of this UoM.
Session S6
Set SET A unit of count defining the number of sets (set: a number of objects grouped together).
Seven Pack P7
Sheet ST A unit of count defining the number of “Sheets” where “Sheet” is the name of the code value in UN/ECE Recommendation 21, pluralized as appropriate.
Sheet Metric Measure SS
Shelf Package SP
Shipment SX A unit of count defining the number of shipments (shipment: an amount of goods shipped or transported).
Shipping Ton SHT
Short Standard (7200 Matches) SST
Shot 14
Siemens SIE
Siemens Per Metre D10
Siemens Square Metre Per Mole D12
Sievert D13
Sitas 56
Six Pack P6
Sixty Fourths Of An Inch S5
Sizing Factor FJ
Skein SW
Skid SV
Sleeve D99
Slipsheet SL
Small Spray 4
Solid Pound SD
Sone D15
Split Tanktruck SK
Spool SO
Square SQ
Square centimetre CMK A square centimetre is an area of a square whose sides are exactly 1 centimetre in length.
Square Centimetre Per Erg D16
Square Centimetre Per Steradian Erg D17
Square decimetre DMK A square decimetre is an area of a square whose sides are exactly 1 decimetre in length.
Square foot FTK A square foot is an area of a square whose sides are exactly 1 foot in length.
Square Foot Per Second S3 A square inch is an area of a square whose sides are exactly 1 inch in length.
Square inch INK A square metre is an area of a square whose sides are exactly 1 metre in length.
Square Kilometre KMK
Square metre MTK A square metre is an area of a square whose sides are exactly 1 metre in length.
Square metre kelvin per watt D19
Square Metre Per Joule D20
Square Metre Per Kilogram D21
Square Metre Per Mole D22
Square Metre Per Second S4 Metre squared per second.
Square Metre Per Steradian D24
Square Metre Per Steradian Joule D25
Square Metre Per Volt Second D26 Square metre kelvin per watt .The definition is the thermal resistance (or Rd value) of the material, which is measured by the thickness of the material layer divided by the thermal conductivity of the material. and is expressed in m²K/W.
Square mile MIK A square mile is an area of a square whose sides are exactly 1 mile in length.
Square millimetre MMK A square millimetre is an area of a square whose sides are exactly 1 millimetre in
Square Rod SN
Square Yard YDK A square yard is the area of a square with sides of one yard (three feet, thirty-six inches, 0.9144 metres) in length
Stage 5H
Standard WSD
Standard Advertising Unit S8
Standard Atmosphere ATM
Standard Cubic Foot 5I
Steradian D27
Stick 15
Stokes 91
Stone (Uk) STI
Storage Unit S7
Strip SR
Super Bulk Bag 43
Suppository AR
Syphon D28
Tablespoon G24 Tablespoon. 1/2 fluid ounces, 3 teaspoons, 15 millilitres
Tablet U2 A unit of count defining the number of tablets (tablet: a small flat or compressed solid object).
Tank Truck 19
Tank, Cylindrical TY
Tank, Rectangular TK
Teaspoon G25 1/6 fluid ounces or 5 millilitres
Technical Atmosphere ATT Technical Atmosphere
Teeth Per Inch TPI Teeth Per Inch
Telecommunication Line In Service T0
Telecommunication Line In Service Average UB
Telecommunication Port UC
Ten Day DAD
Ten Kg Drum 97
Ten Pack TP
Ten Pair TPR
Ten Square Feet TR
Ten Square Yard TF
Ten Thousand Gallon (Us) Tankcar 96
Ten Thousand Yard UH
Ten Yard YT
Tenth Hour UE
Tenth Minute UD
Terabyte E35
Terahertz D29
Terajoule D30
Terawatt D31
Terawatt hour D32
Tesla D33
Test Specific Scale 69
Tex D34
The milliequivalence caustic potash per gram of product KO
Theoretical Kilograms 53
Theoretical Pound 24
Theoretical Ton 27
Theoretical Tonne 54
Therm TD
Thermochemical Calorie D35
Thermochemical Calorie Per Gram B36
Thermochemical Calorie Per Gram Kelvin D37
Thermochemical Calorie Per Second Centimetre Kelvin D38
Thermochemical Calorie Per Second Square Centimetre Kelvin D39
Thousand MIL
Thousand Bag T4
Thousand Board Feet MBF
Thousand Casing T5
Thousand Cubic Feet FC
Thousand Cubic Feet Per Day F1
Thousand Cubic Metre R9 Thousand cubic metre
Thousand Cubic Metre Per Day TQD
Thousand Feet TQ
Thousand Feet (Linear) TL
Thousand Gallon (Us) T6
Thousand Impression T7
Thousand Kilogram TV
Thousand Linear Inch T8
Thousand Linear Metre TT
Thousand Linear Yard D14
Thousand Litre D40 References SI system of units of measure
Thousand Metre MQ
Thousand Piece T3 Thousand piece
Thousand Pound Gross T1
Thousand Pound Per Square Inch KS
Thousand Sheet TW
Thousand Square Centimeter TJ
Thousand Square Feet TS
Thousand Square Inch TI
Thousand Standard Brick Equivalent MBE
Three Pack P3
Threehundred Kg Bulk Bag 45
Tin TN
Ton (UK) or long ton (US) LTN Ton (UK) = 1016 Kg or 2240 Lb.
Ton (US) or short ton (UK) STN Ton (US) = 2000 Lb or 907 Kg
Ton Mile 1J
Ton Of Steam Per Hour TSH
Ton(Us) Per Hour 4W
Tonne TNE Metric ton = 1000 Kg
Tonne Of Substance 90 % Dry TSD
Tonne Per Cubic Metre D41
Torr UA Torr
Total Car Count 1L
Total Car Mile 1M
Tote TE
Track Foot FE
Trailer E3
Train NN
Train Mile 1F
Transdermal Patch FG
Tray / Tray Pack PU
Treatment U1
Trillion (Eur) TRL
Trillion (Us) (Note Bil = Billion In Uk) BIL
Tropical Year D42
Troy ounce or apothecary ounce APZ The troy ounce is a unit of imperial measure. In the present day it is most commonly used to gauge the weight and therefore the price of precious metals. One troy ounce equals 480 grains or 31.1035 grams.
Troy Pound (Us) LBT
Truckload TC
Tube TU
Twenty Foot Container 20
Twenty Pack 4E
Twenty Thousand Gallon (Us) Tankcar 95
Two Pack OP
Two Week W4
Us Gallon Per Minute G2
Usage Per Telecommunication Line Average UF
Use E55 A unit of count defining the number of times an object is used.
Var D44
Vehicle NV
Vial VI
Visit VS
Volt VLT
Volt - Ampere D46
Volt Ampere Per Kilogram VA
Volt Ampere Per Pound 71
Volt Per Centimetre D47
Volt Per Kelvin D48
Volt Per Metre D50
Volt Per Millimetre D51
Volt Squared Per Kelvin Squared D45
Watt WTT A watt is a derived unit of power; one watt is equivalent to 1 joule (J) of energy per second.
Watt hour WHR The watt-hour is a unit of energy equivalent to one watt of power expended for one hour of time; it is equal to 3.6 kilojoules. The watt-hour is rarely used to express energy in any form other than electrical.
Watt Per Kelvin D52
Watt Per Kilogram WA
Watt Per Metre Kelvin D53
Watt Per Pound 72
Watt Per Square Metre D54
Watt Per Square Metre Kelvin To The Fourth Power D56
Watt Per Steradian D57
Watt Per Steradian Square Metre D58
Weber WEB
Weber Per Metre D59
Weber Per Millimetre D60
Week WEE
Weight Per Square Inch WI
Wet Kilo W2
Wet Pound WB
Wet Ton WE
Wheel WH
Wine Gallon WG
Working Month WM
Wrap WR
Yard YRD A yard is equal to 3 feet or 36 inches or 0.9144 meter.
Year ANN