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Use GS1 US Data Hub to Create New Products

30 March 2020

Use GS1 US Data Hub to Create New Products

For members who have licensed a Company Prefix, typical first steps are: click "Product," click "Create," enter product details, change the status to PreMarket, assign an available GTIN, change the status to In Use, and finally, generate the barcode image. 

Here's how you can learn how to manage products and GTINs in GS1 US Data Hub:

  1. Start by watching the demo, Creating Your Barcode for a Retail Item, available in the GS1 US University Learning Management System (sign in is required). You'll see how to create a new product, assign one of your available GTINs to the product, place this product into the "In Use" status, and download a UPC-A barcode image. View other modules to learn about specific GS1 US Data Hub functionality, such as importing products in bulk, and creating a case.
  2. Download the Product Create/Manage User Guide (PDF) in this Help Center for detailed, step-by-step instructions. For quick instructions, read the Create a Product and Generate a UPC-A Barcode article, as well as other articles in the Help Center.
  3. When logged into GS1 US Data Hub, remember to click the "purple buttons" on select screens - such as "Help Me Create a Barcode"  - for step-by-step guidance as you create a new product. In addition, click the "Help Bubble" on select screens for more details.