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Product Import Instructional Modules

21 February 2020

Product Import Instructional Modules

To learn how to add products in bulk, or import them into GS1 US Data Hub, click one of the links below to view that specific Product Import instructional module in the GS1 US University Learning Management System:

Download All Available GTINs (Duration: 6:36) - this module explains how to assign GTINs to your products as you import them into GS1 US Data Hub. The module shows how to enter product data in the columns, save the template, then submit it to GS1 US Data Hub for processing. The GTINs will then be assigned to these products. You can also use this template to view a list of ALL available GTINs for this prefix. The "GTIN Capacity - Available" number for each prefix is displayed on the main page of Data Hub.

Download Import Template (Duration: 5:03) - this module explains how to import products that already have assigned GTINs (perhaps from another system).

Correcting Errors (Duration: 8:56) - this module explains common errors that members sometime receive when importing products.

Higher Level Packaging (Duration: 9:15) - this module explains how to import higher level packaging items (inner packs, cases, mixed cases, pallets, etc.) into GS1 US Data Hub using the Download Import Template.

How to View All GS1 US Data Hub Modules:

Visit the GS1 US University Learning Management System - you won't need to log in if you are already logged into GS1 US Data Hub. Under Categories menu on the left, click "GS1 US Data Hub & User Portal," then "Help Resources". All available modules will display on the right, as shown here:

Learn More:

For step-by-step product import instructions in the GS1 US Data Hub Working with Product Import Templates User Guide, click here >