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Selecting the Status for a Product

3 January 2020

Selecting the Status for a Product

To understand the benefits of the PreMarket status before changing a product's status to In Use, view the PreMarket vs. In Use module in the GS1 US University Learning Management System (sign in required). Here's a summary:

PreMarket Status: 

Think of this status as the “Pre-production stage.”  The GTIN has been assigned, and it cannot be removed. However, you can "retract" the GTIN, so that this GTIN can be used again after 12 months. 

While the product is in PreMarket status, you can modify product attributes - except for Packaging Level, which cannot be changed. In the PreMarket status, you can click the “Barcode” tab to generate a “For Placement Only” - or FPO - barcode symbol. This watermark barcode symbol is NOT the final artwork for your packaging. The FPO watermark prevents the barcode symbol from being scanned at Point of Sale (POS). The purpose of the FPO barcode is to provide you with a PNG file you can send to your packaging designer, to ensure it displays properly on your product artwork.

Before You Move to In Use Status:

Before you change the product’s status from the PreMarket to In Use status, here are three questions to consider:

  1. Are the product attributes and packaging final?
  2. Are you ready to produce and sell this product to consumers?
  3. Are you ready to start sharing this information with trading partners?

If you answer “Yes” to each of the questions, you’re ready to change the status to In Use and click “Save."

In Use Status: 

When you are ready to launch your product into the marketplace, change the status to In Use. Think of In Use as your “Production” stage. The product and the assigned GTIN are now permanently linked to each other. If one of the product’s key attributes change, such as net contents, you will be required to create a new product and assign a new GTIN. 

In GS1 US Data Hub, when you change the status to In Use, you can now generate a scannable barcode image that you can download. You can also export the barcode definitions to send to a print vendor.

Want to Learn More?

View the Product Lifecycle Guide in the Help Center.

View the Product Create/Manage User Guide in the Help Center.

Delete or Archive a GTIN or U.P.C.

3 January 2020

Delete or Archive a GTIN or U.P.C.

When a product detail record is in the Draft status, you can press the "Delete" button to remove the product detail record from GS1 US Data Hub. 

However, after you allocate a GTIN to the product detail record and save in the PreMarket status, and then change this product to the In Use and Archived statuses, the "Delete" button does not display for product detail records. This is to comply with GS1 General Specifications, which state that "an allocated GTIN shall not be reallocated to another trade item." 

One exception is if a GTIN has been assigned to a trade item while in the PreMarket status, and the product is never actually produced. In this situation, you can "retract" the GTIN from the product detail record. This GTIN can be reused after a 12 month waiting period. Here are answers to two questions often posed by members.

Q. How do I delete a product that has the PreMarket Status?

A. After you assign the PreMarket status to a product detail record, the "Delete" button no longer displays on the screen. That's because a GTIN has been assigned to this product detail record. If you want to remove this trade item (for example, you are not going to produce the product), you can "retract" the GTIN from the product detail record.

To retract the product, click the “Retract PreMarket GTIN” button. After 12 months, the product detail record will be automatically deleted, and the GTIN will be moved back to the “Available” pool, which is a pool of unused Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) for the company prefix. You can then assign this GTIN to another product.

Note: if you assign the product industry "Regulated Healthcare" to a product, the "Retract PreMarket GTIN" button is not enabled, to comply with GS1 General Specifications, which indicate trade items in the regulated healthcare industry can never be retracted.

Q. How do I delete a product that has the In Use Status?

A. When a product is in the In Use status, the “Delete” button is no longer available. The GTIN and this product detail record are permanently assigned to each other. If you remove this product from the marketplace, you can change the status of the product detail record to Archived.

A product with the Archived status cannot be viewed by GS1 US Data Hub Product View/Use subscribers. You can always change the status from Archived back to In Use, if you want to return this product to the marketplace. GS1 US Data Hub will retain any sharing information defined for that product detail record when it is returned to In Use.  

Note: the GTIN remains assigned to an Archived product and will not be available for any other product. Product details cannot be changed when a product is in the Archived status. 

To archive a product and the GTIN, view the product detail record for the product, and change the status from In Use to Archived. Then click the "Save" button.  At a later date you can change this product back to In Use.

Want to Learn More?

View the Product Lifecycle Guide in the Help Center.

View the Product Create/Manage User Guide in the Help Center.

View the "PreMarket vs. In Use" Instructional Module on the GS1 US University Learning Management System (sign in required). Click the GS1 US Data Hub & User Portal category, click "Help Resources" and scroll down to the "PreMarket vs. In Use" course and click "Launch".