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GTIN Non-Reuse Rule

14 November 2019

GTIN Non-Reuse Rule

The Standard for GTIN Reuse across all industries was changed in the GS1 General Specifications on December 31, 2018. As of January 1, 2019, products in GS1 US Data Hub with an In Use status can no longer be changed to the For Reuse status.

If your company assigned the For Reuse status to a product BEFORE December 31, 2018 in GS1 US Data Hub, that product can remain in the For Reuse status until the end of the reuse period (47 months). The GTIN can be made available again, one more time. Please note that for products in the Apparel industry, the reuse period is 30 months. 

For example, a consumer packaged item GTIN that was assigned the For Reuse status on 12/1/2018 can be reassigned one more time, at the end of the reuse period, or 12/1/2022. An apparel item GTIN assigned the For Reuse status on 12/1/2018 can be reassigned one more time, at the end of the reuse period, or 12/1/2021.

Note: For products in the Regulated Healthcare industry, GTINs can never be reused.

For more details, view these resources:

The GS1 US University Learning Management System includes a recorded webinar, GTIN Reuse Rules Are Changing; to locate this recorded webinar, sign-in and type "Reuse" in the search box; when the "GTIN Reuse Rules Are Changing" course displays, click "Launch."

GS1 US GTIN No ReUse page on the GS1 US website, which provides a summary of the changes;

GS1 US Data Hub Frequently Asked Questions page, which answers questions that members have posed about the GTIN No Reuse rules.