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Troubleshooting Guide - Product Create

23 April 2019

Troubleshooting Guide - Product Create

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Q. My prefix is out of capacity. How can I obtain more barcodes?

A. It's not possible to “add capacity” - or add additional GTINs - to an existing prefix when you need more barcodes. If you exhaust the numbering capacity of your GS1 Company Prefix, you can obtain an additional Company Prefix. As your business grows, it may be worth investigating if the additional prefix that you are planning to acquire should have greater numbering capacity. This way, you won’t have to come back as frequently and you may be able to save money over time. If you only need a few more GTINs, another option is to license GS1 US GTINs. Learn more by visiting the GS1 US Get Started Guide.

GTIN Non-Reuse Rule

14 November 2019

GTIN Non-Reuse Rule

The Standard for GTIN Reuse across all industries was changed in the GS1 General Specifications on December 31, 2018. Beginning on January 1, 2019, products in GS1 US Data Hub with an In Use status could no longer be changed to the For Reuse status.

Q. What happened to the GTINs that I’ve marked For Reuse on 12/31/2018 or before?

A. As of 3/21/2022, these GTINs have been automatically returned to your "Available" pool again so you can assign them one time.

For more details, view these resources:

The GS1 US University Learning Management System includes a recorded webinar, GTIN Reuse Rules Are Changing; to locate this recorded webinar, sign-in and type "Reuse" in the search box; when the "GTIN Reuse Rules Are Changing" course displays, click "Launch."

GS1 US GTIN No ReUse page on the GS1 US website, which provides a summary of the changes;

GS1 US Data Hub Frequently Asked Questions page, which answers questions that members have posed about the GTIN No Reuse rules.