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How to Display the Verified by GS1 Check Mark

Complete and accurate product data results in a more efficient and seamless supply chain - as well as a more positive shopping experience for consumers. 

You can have the Verified by GS1 (VbG) check mark display to GS1 US Data Hub Product View/Use subscribers when they search for a product in the GS1 Registry Platform. These subscribers include retailers, marketplaces, solution providers, agencies and others. Verified by GS1 enables the verification of a product’s identity based on a set of seven core product attributes.

To learn how to enter these attributes, view this GS1 US video.

If you save the following attributes with your product detail record, the VbG check mark will display when the GTIN is searched through the GS1 Registry Platform:
- Brand Name
- Product Description
- Product Image URL (make sure the address starts with http:// or https:// - view this fact sheet)
- Global Product Classification (GPC) (view the GS1 GCP Browser for more details)
- Net Content and Unit of Measure (view a list of valid Unit of Measure codes)
- Target Market 1 (also known as Country of Sale - view a list of Country codes)

Product Image, GPC, Net Content and Target Market 1 are available from the Additional Information tab (Enhanced Product Information section).

GS1 US Data Hub currently provides access to more than 30 million products, making it valuable as part of a retailer’s data quality and product sourcing efforts.

Learn more by visiting the Verified by GS1 page on the GS1 US site.