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Export Product and GTIN Data

Below are quick steps to export your product data, including assigned GTINs, using a XLSX formatted spreadsheet. For more details, please view the Product Create/Manage User Guide in the Help Center.

1. Click Product > Manage. The Manage Products page displays.

2. If you don't apply any filters, ALL of your company's saved product data will be exported, including products with the DraftPreMarketIn Use or Archived status. Before you export, you can use the “filter” column headings to limit the number of products that are displayed, and therefore exported. To set the filters, enter at least 3 consecutive characters in any of the filter boxes at the top of the tables. 

Note: the maximum number of products that can be exported is 100,000, so if your company has 100,000+ records, use the filters to reduce this number to below 100,000, and then run one or more instances to export the remaining data. 

Filter Tips: Here are two suggestions to filter the product data:
- Filter products by "Status," such as In Use products, export this data, then return to the Manage Products page, and filter by PreMarket products, etc. 
- Filter products by “Packaging Level” – so first sort by “each,” export this data, then sort by “case” and export this data, etc.

3. Click the "Export All Products from Table" button. A confirmation window displays, and you'll see the number of products you are about to export. Click the "Continue" button.

4. The message "Export Request Successfully Submitted" displays in a green window. Click the Export Center Icon  on the upper right corner of the screen. The Export Center page displays, with the most recent export displayed at the top. The Export Center also displays any other product and location export instances requested by all of your company users. 

Note: The XLSX files are removed after 30 days. When these files are removed, the product data stored in GS1 US Data Hub is not impacted.

5. Click the file link to open the XLSX file. How this file displays will vary depending on your Web browser. When you open the XLSX file, you'll see that products are sorted numerically, in order of GS1 Company Prefix, then GTIN. If products listed are in the Draft status, they are listed first because the GS1 Prefix and GTIN cells are blank, as they have not been assigned to products. Please note that the last column in this file is "Last Modified Date." To learn the definitions of the values within the XLSX file, view the Product Import User Guide, Appendix A.

Q. Can I also export my barcode images?
A. No, when you export product data, the barcode images (artwork) are not included. To download the barcode image, view the individual product detail record, click the Barcode tab, then click the "Preview Barcode" button.

Q. Can I export all available GTINs - the ones that have NOT been assigned to products?
A. Yes, you can receive a list of available GTINs using the "Download All Available GTINs" template on the Import page. You can specify the quantity of available GTINs you want to view, based on your company's GTIN availability. Your company's "GTIN Availability" is displayed on the GS1 US Data Hub home page. To get started, click Product, then Import. View the Product Import User Guide for details.